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This game complements the book Obložené chlebíčky(Open faced sandwiches). In the game you make your own perfect open faced sandwiches.

Rosettes and Rockets

Rosettes and Rockets

Do you know what a rosette is? Round shaped window. The dominant part of the rocket or a cathedral. Popular, especially during the Gothic space program. In our case, it is also the theme of a board game.



Les seeks, through the periscope effect, the boundaries of contemporary fairy tales and digital games. The minimalist game mechanics and linear structure of the resulting project bring the primary closer to interactive animation.

4th Tower

4th Tower

Martin Lacko is a specific author who can't stand comparison. The wide radius of the author's work can also illuminate the darkest corners of contemporary art and illustrations.



Sandwiches - Image


Sandwiches are a playful brochure in which you use stickers to create your own variations of your favorite delicacy. The project originally aimed only...

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021 - Image

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021

In the summer of 2020, we were approached by the BUT Rectorate with a question whether we are able to create a thematic digital game for But recr...

Forest - Image


Journey through development of the project was complicated. Full of doubts until the end, which is now more of a beginning. After completion, I realiz...

Natálie Sodomková
05. 02. 2021
Hlad development - Image

Hlad development

Hlad is an edible board game. It is meant to be eaten. The game plan is a big printed tablecloth. The game pieces themselves is something you have...

Výstava I. - post mortem - Image

Výstava I. - post mortem

Dnes 17.2.2020 je výstava v Jihlavě u konce, největším překvapením (i pro nás) byla finální reprezetnace Bohdana Heblíka. Navzdory očekávanému audio-v...

Rozety a Rakety - Image

Rozety a Rakety

Desková hra o raketách a rozetách vznikla na GameJamu (Ludum dare 43, téma: “Sacrifices must be made”) v prosinci roku 2018. Odštěpením se od velké sk...

Natálie Sodomková
27. 01. 2020