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Hrdina VUT

Hrdina VUT

Design a realizace digitální hry pro náborovou kampaň Hrdina VUT na rok 2021. Výsledná hra reprezentuje žánr point & click adventur, jako vizuální styl byl zvolen pixel art.



Herna Duchů & Smolder - Image

Herna Duchů & Smolder

Videozáznam a editace Daniel Jenikovský Herna Duchů > ArtMap Kurátor: Vojtěch Vaněk Ateliér Duchů se věnuje vývoji her a jejich participační kultuř...

Demo, release and Repeat - Image

Demo, release and Repeat

Play Repeat Demo on Steam In this article we will cover the ongoing development of our latest digital game Repeat and the release of a Repeat...

Restart, Repeat, Release - Image

Restart, Repeat, Release

Our collective Ateliér Duchů has participated in most Ludum Dare game jams in the past few years. In march 2021 part of our studio decided to rework a...

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021 - Image

Videogame for BUT campaign 2021

In the summer of 2020, we were approached by the BUT Rectorate with a question whether we are able to create a thematic digital game for But recr...

Year of the chest - Image

Year of the chest

Chest in front of me, chest behind me... That's exactly how the year of the chest has been. We must hope that the following year will let us...

Vojtěch Vaněk
08. 12. 2020