About the studio

Ateliér Duchů moves in the interspace of the academic sphere and game development. Our goal is production on the border between game development, publishing, and free creation. We work in the spirit of interdisciplinary optimism, which includes broadening the current view of video games in the context of contemporary art and culture. Our team is naturally based on the floor plan of events in the Studio of Game Media (FaVU BUT), the Brno scene of game development, and education. From the position of the author's creative group, we implement projects whose spectrum is not limited only by digital production or video game format.

Game media studio, FaVU BUT


Whisper of the cosmos - Image

Whisper of the cosmos

The Whisper of the Cosmos is a collection of poems that I have been working on for a long time. The goal for me was encapsulate the collection in a co...

Tereza Koudelková
18. 02. 2021
Forest - Image


Journey through development of the project was complicated. Full of doubts until the end, which is now more of a beginning. After completion, I realiz...

Natálie Sodomková
05. 02. 2021
Year of the chest - Image

Year of the chest

Chest in front of me, chest behind me... That's exactly how the year of the chest has been. We must hope that the following year will let us...

Vojtěch Vaněk
08. 12. 2020




This game complements the book Obložené chlebíčky(Open faced sandwiches). In the game you make your own perfect open faced sandwiches.



Hlad is an edible board game. The players need to prepare the game pieces and then during the game they eat them all. What you eat is up to you. You can bake cookies, or just use any snacks.



Is a short atmospheric experimental 3D game. You control a piece of cloth flying in the wind. Everyting the cloth covers will disappear.

Galerie FaVU

Galerie FaVU

Kabinet truhel - projekt se soustředí primárně na kulturní fan service bez závislosti na fyzickém prostoru. Reflektuje současné dění v Ateliéru Duchů a výsledný formát přizpůsobí aktuální situaci k datu výstavy.

Rosettes and Rockets

Rosettes and Rockets

Do you know what a rosette is? Round shaped window. The dominant part of the rocket or a cathedral. Popular, especially during the Gothic space program. In our case, it is also the theme of a board game.



Les seeks, through the periscope effect, the boundaries of contemporary fairy tales and digital games. The minimalist game mechanics and linear structure of the resulting project bring the primary closer to interactive animation.



Aneta Fasorová

Barbora Vozábová

Bohdan Heblík

Daniel Jenikovský

David Holubec

Dominik Konečný

Ivana Nováková

Kateřina Cendelínová

Lucie Polášková

Matyáš Mrkus

Natálie Sodomková

Richard Haraším

Tereza Koudelková

Tomáš Hrůza

Vojtěch Vaněk

Zdeněk Rychtera

Zoya Volkova

Zuzana Rišiaňová