Sandwiches are a playful brochure in which you use stickers to create your own variations of your favorite delicacy. The project originally aimed only at the printed version. But after the "assets" were made, they prompted us to create a small digital game.

Model of the brochure "Sandwiches", original binding V1, 2021

The concept of the whole sandwich project was created during the spring of 2020, however, at that time I had to devote all my time to my bachelor's thesis, the defense of which was relentlessly approaching. And thanks to which sandwiches look the way they do!

Making sandwiches / 2021 

And what are the Sandwiches about?

The illustrated brochure deals in part with the history, types and international context of sandwiches. The second part contains space for the creation of individual sandwiches. It is based on the selection of stickers (based on the back of the envelope) and their layering. Each page is accompanied by an assignment that can diversify the user's booklet.

Browsing through a brochure / 2021 


The final form was preceded by a lot of tests and proofs. Colors, noise levels, printer settings and other new obstacles associated with the printed version of purely digital technology had to be tuned.

Sample of proofs / 2020 

The initial sources and literature come mainly from the last century / 2020 

Digital game: Sandwiches

To make a digital version of the sandwiches was actually always in my mind from the very beginning. Thanks to Dominik, it was created in a few days. It introduces the idea of the brochure itself and is easily accessible. It can be said that this is a small teaser for the printed version.

Digital game: Sandwiches / screenshot from the game / 2021

In the form of a "dress up", everyone can create their own sandwich. Just like in the brochure. We currently plan to publish the brochure in small quantities later this year.