Ateliér Duchů: Game Access 2022

Ateliér Duchů moves in the interspace of the academic sphere and game development. Our goal is production on the border between game development, publishing, and free creation. We work in the spirit of interdisciplinary optimism, which includes broadening the current view of video games in the context of contemporary art and culture.

Gray Man

Richard Haraším
Ateliér Duchů

The Gray Man is a point & click first-person game about serial killer. As a conscience you perceive everything that the killer does, but later on you can manipulate Anthony in ways to end this madness, or be a part of it till the very end.

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Dominik Konečný
Ateliér Duchů

Hadr is a short atmospheric game where you control a piece of flying fabric. Every single thing you can cover with your cloth, will disappear. Items, puzzles and story, they all have their place in Hadr. Are real things disappearing or just memories?

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Rosettes and Rockets

Natálie Sodomková
Aneta Fasorová
Ateliér Duchů

Rosettes and Rockets is a strategy board game for two or four players in two teams. The goal of the players is to collect a certain number of rosettes. However, during the game, the playing field changes and gets progressively smaller. Every move needs to be thought through. Besides, players have special abilities at their disposal, which they can use to get an advantage. The visual art style of the game consists of selected Gothic elements transformed into decorative shapes and black and white colors.

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In The Root Town

Kateřina Šebová
Tomáš Mikeš

In the root town is a bomberman-like game with a cute simple aesthetic, where you play as root vegetables everyone knows and loves. Up to 4 people fight each other in custom maps, which players themself can make easily in a mesh editor available in-game.

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