The last couple of weeks have been exhausting, but the results are here!

A new gameplay trailer here:

As for information and media coverage, all the social networks are live. Aswell as a standalone web connecting them all together:

The Store page (Steam) itself has been translated to multiple languages.

Steam store wish list:

A new version of the playable DEMO is available. Play it here:  Steam,, IndieDB

All the music is finished! And also implemented in the game itself. You can listen to the newest track right here on Soundcloud:

It will be a bit different in the game. Most of the effects, processing and mixing si happening in realtime. So it will be even better.

Big thanks to Honza Tomáš (Tomáš Palucha, LVMEN), who helped me with half of the tracks in the game. If it wasn't for him I would have my hands on a different kind of keyboard right now.

Changes are still happening, but mainly under the hood. For example I have rewritten the entire wind control/input system for the game. Yes. Now. All of it. So the whole cloth controlling is now a bit more predictable and finer, especially on gamepads. (seriously, if you can, use the gamepad. I have also added a screen at the beginning of the game in case you forget)

There is just a little over a month until the release on 6th of October. There is still a lot of fixing, polishing, testing and more fixing ahead of us.

I am looking forward to it.

Hope you do too