Whisper of the cosmos

Illustration Book

18. 02. 2021

The Whisper of the Cosmos is a collection of poems that I have been working on for a long time. The goal for me was encapsulate the collection in a comprehensive format. I also wanted to see with a fresh eye to an older job that I wasn't able to create understandable relationship. The individual texts were created spontaneously in specific moments and locations. Now the poems form a whole in form reworked collections, expanded by a set of watercolor illustrations.

A total of 26 poems and illustrations were created (default A4 format, watercolor technique, paper material)


Reversed evolution + Experience 


The fog drowned the street.

She muted all sounds.

And she suffocated all resistance.

Car lights are just a memory

to the sun and reality, but where is the end,

covered with a semi-transparent texture,

and with an area of at least

what is the world itself like.

There is no beginning or end to my vision,

illusory safety of her pillows.

The palm warms my promise of awakening

and a key clinks in his ear.

Wires like cobwebs spun between houses,

and their appearance of dull lines on the horizon,

to which I have access.

I'm at the end of the world.

Candelabra + By your fault 

Confession from the bus + For now 

Blacksmiths think + Routine 

Laughing star 


In the coming months, the collection will also be completed in printed, paper form.